Just Announced – Membership Fees & Corporate Scholarship

The Saints ongoing goal is to broaden the reach of the arts, foster a community through the arts, and make the marching arts as accessible as possible. We’re excited to bring you some new developments in furthering those goals!

Membership Fees Set

Our board of directors has approved a new budget that sets the 2021 drum & bugle corps membership fees at just $400. This covers the cost of 9 months of instruction, all out of state travel, the majority of meals on performance days, uniform top and bottom, and more. This covers the majority of the cost associated with being a member of the corps for 2021 and represents an amazing value.

With the newly set membership fees, we’re changing how we handle satisfaction of this commitment. Starting in December we will be moving to a weekly payment schedule for membership that spreads the cost over 30 weeks at a low cost of $15 a week / $60 a month. This is in line with the average cost of private music or dance lessons, and is an amazing value. Payments will be processed through Paypal with the processing fee factored into the total cost.

Learn more about our 2021 season: 2021 Drum Corps

Corporate Scholarship for Corps and Band Vets

Two of our corporate partners stepped forward and presented this amazing opportunity for the 2021 season. With their guidance and support we are now able to offer 5 Brass, and 5 percussion scholarships for veterans of DCI / WGI World, DCA Open, and College Marching Band w/2 years of experience. Full details will be announced after our first open house, but this initiative is to help broaden the Saints community by engaging performers that miss performing and want to get back on the field this year!

Our corporate partners make things happen! Want to learn how you can invest in the community and help support our programs Learn more: Corporate Partnership


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