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Thank you for your interest in joining the Columbus Saints! We ask that you take the time to read all of the information located on this page. If after doing so, you still have a question regarding auditions – please contact us at

2020 Open Houses Announced!

Saturday, Jan 4th – Columbus, OH & Saturday, Jan 18th – Columbus, OH

Location TBA | Attend both days to be evaluated for 2020 membership!


Auditions for the Columbus Saints are designed to be a low-stress, friendly, and overall a highly enjoyable experience. The instructional staff will observe your abilities and how well you fit in with the rest of the line in terms of your areas of attitude, achievement, and more.

Your audition results will be based on several factors:

Performance Acumen: Your ability to perform on your instrument or equipment, and ability to develop over time.

Attitude: The Columbus Saints balances a competitive focus, with a fun and friendly attitude. Members need to be able to demonstrate a friendly attitude while being able to focus and be self-motivated.

Financial Responsibility: Are you able to meet member fee requirements and participate in fundraisers. We work to keep the activity affordable so every member is expected to meet their financial obligations on time.

Adaptability: How well you adapt to instructions. Drum corps is a high energy activity, where members will be asked to adapt to design changes based on judges feedback. Like most DCA corps, and regional DCI corps; our schedule is limited so members must be able to adapt quickly to changes, and integrate them into the show.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Check out our FAQ to learn more: Corps FAQ

  • Q: Where does the corps compete? A: Competitions in DCI All-Age, DCA Class A, and MACBDA.
  • Q: What’s the cost to participate? A: TBD soon but estimated at $700-800 paid in installments.
  • Q: What is covered by fees? A: Instruction, registration, most out-of-state travel, food & lodging
  • Q: When are rehearsals & competitions? A: Rehearsals and performances are primarily Saturday, with two events Fri-Sun, and World Championship running Fri-Mon (Labor Day Weekend).
  • Q: What’s the age of members? A: 2019 avg = 20.5 years with the youngest member aged 14, and the oldest aged 40.
  • Q: What brass instruments do you play? A: Starting in 2020, the Columbus Saints will begin using mixed instrumentation, similar to DCI corps in the early 2000s. High brass will use B Flat Trpt & F Mellos, while some Low Brass will use Bugles – Baritones and Tubas pitched in G during this transition.


Frequently Asked Questions


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Practice and Prepare for Audition!

A follow-up email will be sent with details on the camp and the audition packet when it becomes available. If you have any questions don’t hesitate to reach out to us at .



World Class


Have your sights set on World or Open Class? Become a member of the Saints and gain the skills you need to get an edge on your audition. Numerous Saints alumni have gone on to ensembles such as Rhythm X, Bluecoats, Legends, Madison Scouts, Cadets, INov8 Percussion, Guardians, Blue Stars, and more.

Continue Performing


Don’t give up your passion, and community just because you’ve graduated and started work. Our program is perfect for a college student, or working adult who’s looking for a fun, and challenging activity for the weekends! Many Saints alumni marched and work for businesses like GM, LBrands, or attend OSU, CSCC, and more!



Do you want to be a better performer and experience drum corps at an affordable cost? The Saints is a perfect program for a musician who wants to experience the thrill of competition and touring but without the massive time and money commitment of World or Open Class. Start your drum corps journey with the Saints.