2024 Columbus Saints WinterGuard

Founded in 2016, the Saints Winter Guard is the perfect program for young people with an interest in dance, theater, and who want to learn more in a fun, friendly, and family-like environment. We teach dance techniques, performance skills, along with color guard techniques into a unique and packaged competitive program that’s great for everyone ranging from experienced performers to beginners!

Auditions will open in November for the 2024 winter ensemble. Please contact lsteele@columbussaints.org with any questions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Fill out our interest form here: https://forms.gle/9rzZjvbpTdNdtt1q8

Recent placements of the Columbus Saints Winter Guard

2019, 2018, 2016 Ohio Indoor Performance Association Championships – Bronze Medalist

2019, 2018 Winter Guard International Regional Champions and participants in the 2022 Independent A Class World Championships


Membership Information

Columbus Saints’ philosophy is to inspire participants to achieve their highest artistic and creative abilities. Through participating in competitions, performances, and educational activities; we will also be promoting the growth of performing arts. We will work to encourage goodwill, sportsmanship, discipline, and camaraderie in our community.

Season Dues:

  • $350 if paid by December 31st
  • $400 if paid by February 1st

Members will receive a $100 discount for paying their dues off early. All dues must be paid by February 1st or the member is at risk of not performing until their dues are caught up. If the member is having problems paying their dues it is their responsibility to work out a payment plan with the Director to catch up. Your Columbus Saints Winterguard jacket will be included in your dues. 


 Every member is responsible for a $200 fundraising requirement in addition to their dues. There will be multiple fundraising opportunities that will be discussed as the season progresses. If the $200 fundraising requirement is not met by March 15, 2023, the member will need to pay the remainder out of pocket. Fundraising is a great way to help pay off dues beyond your fundraising requirement. 

Sponsorship Letters: We can provide sponsorship letters. 

Facebook Donations: each member can set up a Facebook Donation for friends and family to donate towards their dues. If you are interested we can help you set it up.

FanRaise: A representative will be at one rehearsal to go over the FanRaise fundraiser.

There will be other fundraising opportunities that come up throughout the season. We will keep you informed.


Each member will receive a credit towards their dues for family and friends volunteering. We are currently taking information for parents and friends interested in volunteering for the season. Volunteering will include transporting props, setting up props at shows, and much more.  Please contact Liz Steele via email at LSteele@columbussaints.org if you are interested in more information. Each volunteer will need to forego a background check provided by the Saints in order to volunteer for the season.

Rehearsal Etiquette:

  • Must have tennis shoes for every rehearsal for conditioning and training.
  • No socks will be worn during the rehearsal; barefoot or tennis shoes for safety.
  • Must wear supportive undergarments.
  • Shorts should be at least mid-thigh.
  • Hair pulled back out of face.
  • All piercings must be taken out for rehearsals and performances. No new piercings or tattoos during the season. This promotes safety and healing. If there is a conflict please see Director.
  • Cell phones will be permitted only on break unless emergency.
  • Always bring water jug (not just a small bottle); small snack. Please bring your own snack or food for rehearsals if needed. 
  • Dinner will not be provided, but there will be an extended break for an opportunity to go get food or eat food that you have brought.
  • Be on time to every rehearsal or event, ready to go at start time; not just arriving at start time. To be early is to be on time.
  • This is a family friendly environment. No cursing or obscene language during rehearsals or at any events. 
  • Remember we are the face of the Columbus Saints.
  • Bring your best attitude as well as a willingness to learn and improve. 


Season Schedule:


Saturday, November 4th; 11am-6pm: Auditions at 1100 S. Hague Ave, Columbus, OH

Saturday, November 11th: 1pm-7pm: Auditions at 7200 Coffman Rd, Dublin, OH

Saturday, November 18th; 11pm-6pm: Auditions at 1100 S. Hague Ave, Columbus, OH


Saturday, December 2nd; 11am-6pm: Rehearsal

Friday, December 8th; 7pm-10pm: Pre-Holiday Camp

Saturday, December 9th; 11am-7pm: Pre-Holiday Camp

Friday, December 15th; 7pm-10pm: Holiday Camp

Saturday, December 16th; 11am-7pm: Holiday Camp


Friday, January 5th; 7pm-10pm: Post-Holiday Camp

Saturday, January 6th; 11am-7pm: Post-Holiday Camp

Saturday, January 13th; 11am-6pm: Rehearsal

Saturday, January 20th; 11am-6pm: Rehearsal

Saturday, January 27th: MEPA Premier-Miamisburg HS


Saturday, February 3rd; 11am-6pm; Rehearsal

Saturday, February 10th; 11am-6pm: Rehearsal

Saturday February 17th; 11am-6pm: Rehearsal 

Saturday, February 24th; MEPA Trent Arena


Saturday, March 2nd; 11am-6pm: Rehearsal

Saturday, March 9th; MEPA Nutter Center

Saturday, March 16th; 11am-6pm: Rehearsal

Friday, March 22nd; 7pm-10pm: Rehearsal (tentative)

Saturday-Sunday, March 23rd-24th: WGI Cincinnati (2 Day Regional)

Saturday, March 30th: 11am-6pm: Rehearsal


Friday, April 5th; 7pm-10pm: Rehearsal

Saturday, April 6th: MEPA Championships- WSU Nutter Center


If there are any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to ask the director. This includes dues and schedule problems. We do not want to turn anyone away because of cost or missed rehearsals. There usually is a solution to the problem.

Inside the Saints Winter Guard

  • The Saints gave me the chance to meet new people & make amazing friends, gain valuable skills needed to excel in marching band, and the training to be successful in numerous WGI guards. I love my Saints family!

    Makayla Readnour
    Makayla Readnour
    Winterguard & Drum Corps 16'