The Columbus Saints Performing Arts cannot succeed without the assistance of a team of volunteers working toward the shared goal of providing an exceptional experience for everyone that encounters our organization.  Excellence on the field cannot come without a strong team of volunteers and we are always looking for individuals that want to get involved and help us grow our organization.

What types of volunteers are we looking for?

Everyone! If you want to be involved with our organization, we have work for you to do! From cooking to uniforms to completing critical administrative functions, you can provide a vital service to help the Saints onto the field!

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Meals Services
During our summer competitions, our volunteers prepare 2 meals and 2 snacks for over 50 students, staff, and other volunteers. Join us for the weekend at our rehearsal site or just stop by for a meal shift and help serve the members. You don’t have to be an experienced cook or food service specialist to support the members as our staff can teach you everything you need!

Merchandise & Registration
Do you have retail or sales experience and want to help the Saints grow? Volunteer with our merchandise team! We utilize several volunteers to help with setting up registration and organizing member paperwork on Saturday morning of camp, from 8 am- 930am.

Uniform Team
Starting in March, we’ll begin fitting, assigning, and repairing our uniforms for the 2017 season. This includes inventorying items, painting or striping add-ons, and more; most of the work does not even require sewing skills. Those with sewing skills can assist directly in uniform maintenance and modification.

Logistics & Transportation
Have a 3/4 ton truck? Our logistics team drives to assist in moving the equipment trailer, moving members or making local trips, drop-offs, and pickups. You would be surprised at how valuable it is for us to have someone with a car who is available to make that extra run to the store or to the airport.

Skilled Tradesmen
The Saints always need help with special construction projects that help keep the corps on the road. If you are skilled at working with wood, metal (welding), or electricity, we would love to have you come and help the corps with repairs or improvements.

Health & Wellness Team
Are you in the medical field? Medical personnel are needed to ensure the physical well being of the members, staff, management, and volunteers while touring the country.

RN or similar – we are looking for licensed Registered Nurses with at least two years of current Medical/Surgical, Intensive Care Unit, or Emergency Room experience. In return you’ll get a staff pass and can attend any DCI show this summer at no cost!

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For more information please reach out to us at lcarlton@columbussaints.org