The 2016 Columbus Saints are proud to present: The Elements Of Funk: The Music of Earth, Wind & Fire. Inspired by our founder & director’s childhood, growing up on the West Side of Chicago, funk music was an inseparable part of the 70s experience. Growing out of the music and strife of the 1960s, this new art form took the airwaves by storm with bands like Earth, Wind, & Fire helping it reach new heights! Living on the West Side of Chicago in the Henry Horner housing project, Mr Cheatham, and the founding members of Earth, Wind & Fire, participated in local community center programs such as the St Andrew’s Hornets Drum & Bugle Corps and more supported by local figure Major Adams. This, like many other communities, helped spawn musical acts such as Zapp & Roger, Ohio Players & more! With Chicago being an integral part of the music and soul identity broadcasting this music around the nation.

Featuring music by Earth, Wind & Fire including In the Stone, Fantasy, and Shining Star, the corps performed a rousing show winning their first Gold Medal in DCI competition. This show is meant to serve as a tribute to Mr Major Adams who inspired so many and passed away at the age of 94 in 2016.

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If you’d like to learn more about the history of funk, we encourage you to watch this BBC documentary, aptly named after a Parliment song “One Nation Under A Groove”.