How Drum Corps Builds Strong People

From desk of Saints founder & CEO Marshall Cheatham

The activity of drum and bugle corps builds strong people based on the demanding requirements to participate. Each year you start off with a blank canvas, new show, new kids. but the same objective. To put on the best show that you can and get better everyday is the daily drive that keeps everyone focused towards the goal!

The long rehearsals and member commitment is one of the things that is most exciting about the activity. The first several weeks are usually the toughest, but there comes this point where the music and musicians finally click, The members hear it, the Instructors are shocked and the admin staff are usually in tears. This happens every year regardless of Saints Drumline, Saints Winterguard or Saints D&B Corps. The finals show is the culmination of a corps’ hard work and dedication. It’s the last opportunity to perform this show, with these friends this year. Your season ends with a spectacular production that brings everyone to tears.

St Andrew Hornets Drum & Bugle Corps, Chicago, IL. Marshall Cheatham on Toms (far right)

The activity of drum & bugle corps requires that each member take personal responsibility for their own belongings, equipment, uniform and complete tasks in a timely manner. Being accountable to yourself, corps members and staff is a major step in personal development. keeping pace with the intense rehearsal schedule, travel and performance schedule is very challenging, but it is also one of the most rewarding components of the activity. The physical demands of Drum Corps means that the participant needs to be reasonably physical fit. It’s not uncommon for a participant to by the end of the season to have lost weight and improved their physical fitness.
The drum corps activity is truly a unique experience, and I’m happy the Saints are able to bring that experience to Central Ohio. Marching drum corps helped change the course of my life, and many others. Ready to get involved? Visit to become a member today.

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