Saints Premiere Mixtape

Drum Corps International is proud to present…

On July 2nd, 2022, our corps took the field at Dix Stadium, in Kent, Ohio. Hosted and welcomed by the Bluecoats Drum & Bugle Corps, and Drum Corps International, the Saints took the field lead by our mascot “walrus” to perform the first public performance of “Mixtape”.

As members of Drum Corps Associates, the Saints applied for and were approved to compete in Drum Corps International, in the reciprocal All-Age Class to gain scores, and perform at local shows back in 2019.

The experience was electric! Small but mighty, the Saints hornline brings a wealth of experience made up mostly of drum corps veterans from DCI World, DCA Class A, and other Big10 College Bands. Our front is the pulse of the show, featuring for the first time ever; a Chinese string instrument called and erhu, played by Saints members Andrew Sutlif, an alumni of Matrix World Percussion, and Genesis Drum & Bugle Corps. The drumline is driven by section leader Ethan Skirvin, who joined during the last two weeks of the 2021 season, and the hornline is lead by Saints veteran Justin DeWitt.

The corps is still recruiting for 2022, offering scholarships for Mellophone, Tuba, Snare, Piano or Keytar, Snare and Guard, as it prepares to attend DCI Avon Lake, DCI World Championships, and DCA World Championships. The corps has bonded incredibly well, and is excited for their new look, fun program, and more. Visit to learn more about joining.

Read the full write-up here in the July 8th issue of Drum Corps World

Photos by Christopher Maher, DCXMuseum


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