Saints hold community event on the West Side of Chicago

Mr. Cheatham speaking.

Over the Jul 4th, 2017 weekend, the Columbus Saints visited the Major Adams Community Center at 125 Hoyne Ave, on the West Side of Chicago. This neighborhood was the home of our founder, and CEO; Mr Marshall Cheatham, and the corps St. Andrew’s Hornets which he marched in for nearly 10 years. The Saints held a rehearsal, then full on-street performance and clinic for young people in the neighborhood. Mr Cheatham took a moment to express one of the reasons why the Saints came to Chicago “on the news you see a lot of bad things about Chicago, and we wanted to show the members the people who live here and how music is something we all can share. ”

The Major Adams Center is a vital component of the West Side community providing a safe space for young people to learn, grow, and visit after school. The center for many years has been running a small drum and flag team with plans to grow and march in more community events providing performance opportunities for Chicago youth. The Saints, also donated nearly 100 Uniforms formerly worn by Lake Erie Regiment & Spirit of Atlanta, to the Major Adams Community Center, along with a G Bugle, and other items in appreciation and to help the center grow their burgeoning drum & bugle corps.


During the performance one resident drove by stating “hearing music reminds me of when the Hornets used to rehearse here back in the 70s!” showing the long lasting memory of drum corps in the area. Many of the staff themselves live nearby and were involved with the St Andrew’s Hornets and view the center as a continuation of Major Adams dream for the community.The founder of the Hornets; Major John Adams recently passed away at the age of 94 years old, after influencing so many young people including Maurice and Verdine White of Earth, Wind & Fire, and creating unique opportunities for music for over 40 years. The Saints are so excited to be part of the legacy of Major Adams, the St Andrews Hornets, and have a chance to help forge a new partnership to continue his dream of helping young people through music.

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