Corps Fees Reduce & Dynasty B-Flat Brass

Fees dropped to $600, and updated line of Dynasty B-Flat brass instruments!

With changes to the Saints summer tour, the corps made the decision to reduce fees to $600 for the entire season to make it easy for more people to march! That includes 5 DCI competitions, all out-of-state travel including a 3-Day DCI tour, and DCA World Championships. Our goal is for EVERYONE to march drum corps and capture the passion and excitement of the performing arts!

2020 Corps Info

On Feb 1st the corps took delivery of 37 Dynasty B-Flat horns. Starting originally on a mixed line of G Bugles some 30 years old, this is a HUGE step forward for the program. As one of the last field corps using G Bugles, the decision was made to switch after challenges acquiring replacement parts, leading to this acquisition. This move has allowed us to open more positions in our horn line including trombone soloist, 4 trumpets, 3 tubas, 3 baritones! Learn more at

Remaining G Bugle stock is being sold at so pick up your piece of history now!

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