Join the Corps for St Patrick’s Day!

Let’s Entertain Together!

We’re inviting all vets, friends, and fans to join us for the 2020 Dublin St Patrick’s Day Parade! Come grab a hot beverage, donuts and perform with other drum corps fans to wow and entertain the crowd!


Uniform: Black Pants, Black Coat/Sweatshirt or CORPS JACKET, Black Shoes. We are wearing all black with corps jackets to make it easier on all performing. We appreciate your support on this event!

  • Arrival: NLT 930AM
  • Rehearsal : 10AM
  • Parade : 11AM – 12PM
  • Dismissal 1230PM
  • Coffee, Cocoa, and Donuts Provided!

Sign-up below to let us know what instruments we need to provide, who will be attending, and the number of hot beverages, and donuts are needed!


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