The Saints Youth Performing Ensemble is a new education-focused group designed for ages 8-16 years old. The program provides music education similar to that found in elementary and jr high school programs but centered around the percussion family of instruments.


Through the course of the YPE’s season, their will be opportunities to perform for the community, march in parades, attend HBCU styled events and more. As part of the Saints family, we’re happy to provide this affordable education and performance opportunity in Central Ohio.

2019 Saints Drumline (YPE) Instrumentation

  • 3 Snare Drums – For students who demonstrate a level of focus, ability, and dedication capable of leading the drumline
  • 1 Tenors (Multi-tenor) – For students who demonstrate a high level of ability, and the capability to perform on multiple drums
  • 4 Bass Drums – For students with an excellent sense of time, and consistent ability to count and play complex rhythms.
  • 2 Cymbals – For students who like to be part of the pulse and drive of the drumline
  • 3 Keyboard / Auxiliary / Drum Set Percussion – The melodic and rhythmic pulse of the ensemble. The icing on the cake to perform melodic passages along with drumline

Please complete this short survey and sign-up form to help us prepare for 2019!

2019 Saints Drumline Survey & Interest Form

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