The Columbus Saints Performing Arts needs your donations to continue providing a quality educational experience for young people in our community.  From instruments, to fuel, to uniforms, community educational programs, or putting a performance group on the field and stage can be a very expensive proposition. Through the support of donors such as yourself, we are able to keep the cost of performing in our organization to a minimum and to ensure that everyone that wants to participate in the Columbus Saints is capable.

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A day of meals for a member One pair of drumsticks One pair of percussion mallets Heads for our drumline Mouthpiece or Guard Costume A Drum stand or horn case Transport the corps for a day

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Donations can be made via PayPal or  by check made out to Saints Drumline Inc. and mailed to our P.O. Box 248520  Columbus, Ohio 43224. You can also donate to one of our ongoing campaigns to help us reach our goals!

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*Due to circuit guidelines, we’re not permitted to sell at some shows

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The Columbus Saints is a 501c3 organization and most donations made are tax-deductible. Feel free to contact us at with your questions! We are committed to transparency and participate in the Guidestar exchange program by publishing past tax forms and more:

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