Here’s how you’re making a difference

At the Columbus Saints we believe it’s so important to show you, our supporters, just how vital the Saints are at influencing our community and changing the course of many young people’s lives. As a community and member funded organization, we rely on the goodwill of of partners, fundraisers and volunteers to fund our much-needed programs. Through the funds raised, more than 1000 young people’s lives have been changed over the last 15 years. By continuing to provide an affordable, and challenging program we’ve helped young people expand their horizons, provide a safe space, provide travel opportunities, and open a pathway to education and work through gaining valuable life skills.  With the loss of music and arts in schools, reduced number of summer music opportunities, and rising costs of many educational camps and programs, we work hard to fill the gap.  You, our supporters, have played a huge part in this, and by continuing to support the Columbus Saints we can continue to change lives for the future. Thank you.

Quick Facts

  • No administrative staff receive salary; all donations to go directly to operational costs
  • The Saints rely on in-kind or low cost rehearsal space to sustain operations
  • The Saints provided in-house programming for partners such as Columbus Parks & Recreation (09-14) Boys & Girls Club of Columbus (15-16), Flex High (17-18)
  • Every piece of Saints musical equipment was acquired used, then refurbished to aid in putting more instruments in youth hands at a lower cost. Our oldest instrument is a 2 valve G Bugle from the 1980s that was last used in 2017

  • The Saints gave me the chance to meet new people & make amazing friends, gain valuable skills needed to excel in marching band, and the training to be successful in numerous WGI guards. I love my Saints family!

    Makayla Readnour
    Makayla Readnour
    Winterguard & Drum Corps 16'
  • Without the Saints I would never have been able to gain the skill & experience to help me march WGI and more. It’s a family that challenges you while having fun, with a cost that allows anyone to participate.

    Zack Todd
    Zack Todd
    Bass 15-17 | Tech 17'
  • …since my grandson has joined the Saints, it’s helped him focus, do better in school, and has exposed him to opportunities for travel, performance and education he never had before.

    Trudi Crawley
    Trudi Crawley
    Parent & Volunteer 14-17
  • …if you miss something the first time, you just keep pushing towards making it great.

    Adam Martini
    Adam Martini
    14-15 Baritone
  • “I founded the Saints because I wanted the youth in the community to be able to experience the joy of performing as I did when I marched drum corps.”

    Marshall Cheatham
    Marshall Cheatham
    Founder & CEO

Your donations at work

  • $10 can help purchase a pair of drumsticks, provide meals for 5 days on tour, or purchase new flags and music accessories.
  • $25 can help transport members to competitions throughout the year.
  • $50 can help provide members with a day of quality instruction.
  • $100 can help provide mouthpieces for horns, costumes for guard, and more.
  • $500 can help purchase hard ware such as stands, speakers and more.
  • $2000 can help fuel and feed the corps for a day of tour and competition.
  • $5000 can help fund our entire educational programming for a month!