Scrips Fundraiser

Shop with Scrips is a simple way to help support the corps, not through donations but by using gift cards with a rebate for your regular shopping, and gifting!

With nearly 1000 partners, you can find cards for major retailers that you can use whenever you shop with as much as 15% of the proceeds going back to the Saints!

Pair it with a smartphone app like MyScripWallet and you can store your cards all in one place for easy access.



  • To join the Saint Shop with Scrip fundraiser go to
  • Then select Join a Scrip Program
  • Enter 11AL8A2B49555 when prompted for an Enrollment Code and then select Register.
  • You will then be prompted to setup your own account.  Once account has been setup, you can begin ordering gift cards.


  • There are 2 ways to submit payment:
  1. Submit payment (Cash or Check) to the designated Fundraising Coordinator prior to the order being placed.
  2. Pay immediately with PrestoPay (this is also required for ScripNow and Reload)
  • To enroll in PrestoPay you will need to complete the online enrollment and then supply the following information to the Fundraising Coordinator:
    • Your Name
    • Saints member or staff member that you are associated with
    • The PrestoPay approval code you receive during the online enrollment
    • Here is a video that describes the process to enroll with PrestoPay:

Additional videos to enhance your experience with Shop with Scrip experience

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