Let’s Get Started

Membership in the Saints is an amazing experience for you and your entire family, and one that takes tremendous dedication, hard work and personal responsibility.


Find out who we are – Even if you don’t become a Saint, you will make new friends, and learn. In the process, we will assess your skills, answer your questions, determine a place within the corps for you, as you become comfortable with the program and Saints community.

Follow the step-by-step guide to the information you need to join the Saints!

Upcoming Rehearsals:

All rehearsals in May will be held at St Luke’s Methodist Church, 1150 W 5th Avenue, Columbus, OH 43212

  • May 20th – Friday 630-10PM
  • May 21st – WV Strawberry Festival – Performance


  1. Fill out the interest form if you haven’t already.
  2. Download & review the packet 2022 Columbus Saints Warmup Packet, and handbook for your section and start to prepare for open house.
  3. Add info@columbussaints.org to your contacts and check your email for more info and RSVP for the next event.
  4. Attend clinics, info sessions, and more to be ready to learn, work hard, and have fun!
  5. Follow our Facebook page for important details about camps and general membership throughout the preseason.

Get Ready

  1. Take some time to work through your warmup packet before rehearsal. Ask for help in the group before your first rehearsal. We can’t help you be better if you don’t ask for help!
  2. Attend a rehearsal! Always check our social media within a few hours of leaving for an event! Any updates or emergency changes will always be posted here first. Specific rehearsal details such as confirmed locations will be posted days before.
  3. Look at and learn the early season calendar. Our early season schedule is limited, so attendance at all rehearsals is expected of all members. Attending part of the camp is better than not at all. If you have school conflicts, talk to us, we will work with you! COMMUNICATION IS CRITICAL!


Member agreements are handed out typically at your second rehearsal, for return at an upcoming rehearsal.

Try at least one weekend before deciding anything about the Saints. A fun and exciting summer of travel, community, and friendship awaits you. Being here will make that happen. You’ll never know if you don’t try!