2022 Corps Staff

The 2022 Columbus Saints Drum & Bugle Corps staff has been brought together to create a fun, entertaining, and educational program.

Whether you’re a recent graduate, or age out and want to continue to continue performing, or your a student with their sites set on World Class, the Saints are for you!

  • CEO & Founder – Marshall Cheatham mcheatham@columbussaints.org
  • Director – Le Ron Carlton lcarlton@columbussaints.org
  • Director – Liz Steele lsteele@columbussaints.org
  • Coordinator – Evan Sasowsky esasowsky@columbussaints.org


Front Coordinator – Ashley Albert (Connexus)

Caption – Joshua Green (Crossmen, Connexus, OU 110)

Lead Tech – Joshua DeWitt (UofAkron)

Brass & Visual

Visual Caption – Christina Sieger (OSUMB, Bluecoats, Jersey Surf)

Part-Time Tech – Hunter Dewitt (Blue Stars, OSU School of Music)

Brass Arranger – Marco Iannelli  (Madison Scouts, Rhythm X, Troopers (Staff) Miami U)

Drill Designer – Jeremy Jorgenson (JJ Visual, Rhythm X)


Caption – Melissa Loringer (Thunderbirds, Top Hats WG)

Tech – Adam Schornack (Juxtaposition, Cincinnati Tradition)