Do the Columbus Saints compete in DCI?

For 2017, the Columbus Saints have applied for DCI Open Class status and will be completing the evaluation in the coming months.  Pending completion of the evaluation and recommendation of the Open Class Advisory Committee, we hope to have a regional tour schedule on the DCI Summer Tour sometime in late spring. We also offer a SoundSport All-Age Corps that travels to DCI SoundSport competitions,DCI Summer Tour events, and performs at community events, majority weekend only events (Fri-Sun), and has a lower cost than the Open Class Corps.

When is the Columbus Saints competitive season?

The Columbus Saints’ competitive season starts in June and runs till mid-August culminating the week of DCI World Championships in Indianapolis.

Isn’t drum corps expensive and a huge time commitment?

While that’s true of many corps today, the Columbus Saints primary focus is community outreach and performing arts education. This means most of our performances are within Columbus or a three-hour drive, allowing members to work, attend school and other responsibilities. Most of our rehearsals are Friday – Sunday, with limited travel, allowing members to maintain a good corps to life balance. The focus being a regional drum corps, that’s affordable and doesn’t interfere with school band schedules!

What are the total fees and what do they provide?

For 2017, dues are $1300 for SoundSport which will include camp fees, most food costs, out-of-town transportation to performances, corps shirts, and more. Some items like shoes, personal items, sticks, mouthpieces, guard gloves, makeup etc will not be provided by the corps and is up to the member to purchase. We require participation in Saints fundraising initiatives with options to work concessions, donation drives, and more. More than anything we don’t want cost to be an obstacle to joining and getting the education and membership experience!

What happened to the Saints Drumline Inc?

Marshall Cheatham; Executive Director and founder of The Saints Drumline Inc., grew up in urban Chicago during the 1960s and 1970s. One of the most formative experiences for him was marching for nearly a decade as a member of the St. Andrew’s Hornets’ Drum & Bugle Corps continuing the tradition of African-American Drum & Bugle Corps. In 2012  he desired to provide a broader entertainment and educational experience to the greater Columbus community and transitioned to the Saints Performing Arts.  The Saints Drumline is part of the organization but is one of the many ensembles under the Drum & Bugle Corps.