2021 Partner Scholarship


Thank you for your interest in the 2021 Corporate Partner Scholarship! This new scholarship is designed to grow the drum corps activity by encouraging life-long music and dance lovers to continue performing as members of the Saints. Targeted towards those with experience marching in DCA Open, DCI or WGI World / Open, or two seasons of college marching band; the goal is for applicants to bring their talent to the Saints as we work to build a stronger community through music. The opportunity is open to only brass, and percussion applicants. Your application will be reviewed by a 3 person committee, and awarded based on meeting criteria.

The scholarship pays 100% of the membership fees for the season, and covers sponsored travel for a possible DCI Tour, and DCA Championships. Additional fees such as background check, or similar are not included in this scholarship and are up to the applicant to pay, generally totaling less than $125. Application is at the bottom of the page*

Application Process

Applicants must complete the form included in this page, including the three short essay questions. The additional eligibility information will be requested in the final phase of review for the application.


Good Standing – You must be an alumni in good standing with your respective DCI, DCA, or WGI Ensemble. This includes having all outstanding fees paid, and validation of membership to be eligible for this scholarship. College alumni will have to provide validation of their membership either through transcript, references or schedule.

Attendance – We structure the Saints schedule to be work friendly by typically limiting as many events to Saturday, or Sunday. We take a scheduled week long July vacation break, as well as two full-day Fri-Sun events including DCA Championships, and a single 3.5 -Day DCI (Fri-Sun) Tour. To obtain this scholarship you must maintain an attendance level above  80% of all total rehearsals, and events including Friday of DCA Championships.

Background Check – All members and staff over the age of 18 must submit to and pass an Ohio and Federal Background Check that will be completed by a link received at a cost of $30 to the member. You will be able to obtain a copy of the background check for personal usage.

Stewardship – You are expected to be stewards of the program, the mission, the members, and the reputation of the Saints. Beyond serving a competitive drum & bugle corps, we work in the community to grow the performing arts, and make the activity accessible to all. You will serve as a real representation to others of “what is possible” by being an example of what it takes to be successful, and how the performing arts can be a life-long love. This includes being a de facto mentor by demonstrating a high level of ability in marching, performing, rehearsal etiquette, and pre-show preparation.

Additional Terms

 Awarding of this scholarship does not guarantee, or imply a leadership position within the organization, though awardees may be selected for such positions. If scholarship awardees fall out of good standing with the corps (attendance, behavior, violation of corps policies), the remaining funds of the scholarship may be revoked and the member would thus be required to satisfy the debt on their own.


Complete the application using this form: https://forms.gle/XDkV2YpY3yypfS1d7

Any questions please contact lcarlton@columbussaints.org