Our founder’s story

The Saints were founded in 2003 by Mr. Marshall Cheatham; a social worker and juvenile corrections officer in Chicago and Columbus. An alumni of St. Andrew’s Hornet’s Drum & Bugle Corps, Marshall understood how music can change the course of someone’s life. Giving him opportunities to travel, challenge himself, and learn the value of hard work, dedication and more. Playing football at Vanderbilt, eventually graduating with a Degree in Social Work from Tennesee State, Mr. Cheatham spent decades working with local youth.

With the release of the 2002 film “Drumline”, Marshall was moved to share his love of music again. After consulting his pastor, he purchased a few pairs of sticks; hung up posters and began the Saints Drumline with six kids, practicing on a picnic table in a park eventually growing the program into a competitive drum & bugle corps.

In 2013, Marshall received the devastating news that his health was in jeopardy as he was in kidney failure; spending the next 5 years attending dialysis 3 times a week, waiting for a transplant. Throughout this time Marshall was always with the Saints; going on trips, attending rehearsals and helping teach so many what it means to work through adversity eventually receiving a transplant in the fall of 2018. Over a year later, Marshall is back at it, working with local youth and still working to change lives through music.

Saints History

Mission Statement

Inspiring teamwork, discipline, and respect through the performing arts, in our Central Ohio community.

About The Program

Saints Drumline Inc performing halftime.

The Columbus Saints is an Ohio non-profit corporation (formerly Saints Drumline Inc), dedicated to providing affordable quality performing arts educational opportunities for young people while building a strong community through music. These opportunities occur in an environment which promotes the social and artistic development of the organization’s participants through creative programs, designed with an emphasis on quality of leadership and education.

The Saints programs such as an all-age drum & bugle corps, winter guard, and community after school programs. The performing arts activity is a unique combination of musical entertainment, physical activity, social opportunities, personal development and fun. The Saints work tirelessly to ensure affordable access to these opportunities believing that and investment in arts is an investment in the community that can change people’s lives.

Our Values

The Columbus Saints create a positive environment that emphasizes education, friendship, personal responsibility, and team building through the performing arts.

We believe the arts can be transformative for many by providing a creative outlet, supportive social activity, opportunities to learn, a challenging team activity, opportunities to travel,  and friendship.

By creating a fun and family-style environment, members feel comfortable, laughing and making friends, while challenging themselves to be their best “leave it on the field” every time.


Meet the team

Marshall Cheatham

Le Ron Carlton

Liz Steele

Amy Hayes