About us

The Columbus Saints Performing Arts Inc (formerly Saints Drumline Inc) is a 501c3 performing arts non-profit located in Columbus, OH. We provide affordable music & arts education through the marching arts, for youth in Central Ohio. With support of our community, we’re able to provide numerous programs such as Drum & Bugle Corps , WinterGuard, and Community After-School Performing Arts Ensembles at a fraction of the cost.


What we do

We educate, develop, support, and propel our members towards being strong leaders and confident performers. Instilling values of integrity, selfless service, loyalty, and the value of hard work; we provide a stable place for our members to grow.


Meet the team

Our experience in groups such as Big Ten marching bands, Historical Black College & University bands, theater and musical groups, competitive DCI / DCA / CYO drum & bugle corps, world class WGI / OIPA / MEPA ensembles, and even U.S. military bands gives us a unique insight into entertainment and well rounded music education.

2017 Administrative Staff

Marshall Cheatham Profile Image

Marshall Cheatham

Founder & CEO

St. Andrew’s Hornets 69-77 – Marshall spent many years working as a social worker and teacher in many urban areas. Spending time first in the Chicago Public Schools, Columbus, and Ohio Department of Family Services, it helped him realize the lack of opportunities for young people in the community. Starting the Saints Drumline in 2003, Marshall; with the support of numerous community leaders and educators, was able to provide a youth music opportunity starting with 6 members growing to over 40 active on the drumline and later dance line.

Email: mcheatham@columbussaints.org

Le Ron Carlton Profile Image

Le Ron Carlton

Executive Director

US Army Bands Worldwide 99-08; Cincinnati Tradition 12-13 – Executive Director Le Ron Carlton joined the Saints in 2013 to manage the change and refocus of the program. Spending the greater part of the last 10 years traveling and performing around the world, Le Ron settled in Columbus, OH to be close to family, attend school and work. By day Le Ron works a System Engineer for a large Fortune 500 and spends his free time supporting the Saints as they work to provide affordable music education to Central Ohio.

Email: lcarlton@columbussaints.org

Chris Groves Profile Image

Chris Groves


Dutch Boy 93; Bluecoats 95 – Drum corps was such a profound experience in my life.  I bring marketing and fundraising skills to the Saints and help provide the drum corps experience for the youth of central Ohio.

Email: cgroves@columbussaints.org

Martin Williams Profile Image

Martin Williams

Recruitment & Member Experience Director

Cincinnati Tradition 09-12 ; Rocketeers Mini-Corps 14-16; Jim Ott Brass 15-16; Erie Thunderbirds 16– I love music and have worked for a long time to share it with young people in Columbus.

Email: mwilliams@columbussaints.org

Cayse Stepp Profile Image

Cayse Stepp

Executive Assistant

Various MSSBA and OIPA Ensembles ; Columbus Saints ’15 – Cayse has been a long time supporter of the arts in Columbus and joined the Columbus Saints in 2015 as one of the original Color Guard members. Her drive, and focus has been an asset to the Saints.

Email: cstepp@columbussaints.org

Jeremy Anderson Profile Image

Jeremy Anderson

Souvenir Manager

Carolina Crown ’95 ; JOBE ’16

Email: shop@columbussaints.org

Amy Francis Profile Image

Amy Francis

Kitchen Manager

Founder – Supporters of Youth Activity

Email: kitchen@columbussaints.org

2017 Educational Staff

Will Wells Profile Image

Will Wells

Show Design Lead, Brass Arranger

Bluecoats 00-03; 05 – Drum corps was a profound experience in my life and being able to work with a group that’s community focused and bring the activity back to it’s roots is great.

Byren Warfield Profile Image

Byren Warfield

Brass Caption Head

Bluecoats 07-,09-10 ; SCV Staff 12-16 – Bryen Warfield is currently the Assistant Director of Bands at Whiteland Community High School in Whiteland, Indiana where he co-directs the Whiteland Marching Warriors, four concert bands, beginning jazz band and teaches music theory. Bryen received his Bachelors Degree in Tuba Performance from the University of Louisville and Master of Music Degree in Wind Conducting from The Ohio State University, serving as a graduate teaching associate with The Ohio State University Marching Band. Bryen Warfield was a member of the Bluecoats for 07, 2009 and 2010 and served as a brass instructor with the Santa Clara Vanguard 2012-2016. In addition, Bryen has worked with several marching band programs in the midwest including Lawrence Central HS (IN), O’Fallon Township HS (IL), North Hardin HS (KY), and Eastern HS (KY).

Email: bwarfield@columbussaints.org

Brad Thomas Profile Image

Brad Thomas

Brass Tech

Cincinnati Tradition 09-12 ; OSUMB 15 – Brad Thomas will be working with the Saints as Brass Consultant for the Audition camps this year. Brad resides in Columbus, OH and is a long time Drum Corps fan with extensive knowledge in the history of the activity, and G Bugles. He has worked with multiple schools and organizations and was one of the original founders and members of the Saints Hornline. Most recently, he marched with the Ohio State Marching Band, Jim Ott Brass Ensemble, Cincinnati Tradition, Columbus Saints, and is a DCA Gold Medalist Tuba Soloist. Brad is excited to be returning to assist the Saints this season and we’re looking forward to his return.

Email: bthomas@columbussaints.org


Jacob Williams Profile Image

Jacob Williams

Visual Caption Head

Glassmen 08-10 , The Cadets 11 – Jacob Williams is in his second year as the visual caption head for the Columbus Saints. Jacob is the band director at the Columbus Preparatory Academy in Columbus, Ohio. In addition to the Columbus Saints, Jacob has worked with the marching bands for Central Crossing High School, Huntington High School, and Tates Creek High School.

Email: jwilliams@columbussaints.org

Dion Otzman Profile Image

Dion Otzman

Percussion Caption Head

Genesis Percussion ’13, East Side Fury Percussion 14, Pioneer ’14, Madison Scouts ’15, Redline Percussion ’16 – Dion Otzman will be working as the Percussion caption head for the 2017 season with the Columbus Saints. Dion currently resides in West Michigan where he works as the battery coordinator for both Jenison High School and Northview High School. He is also beginning his first season as a snare technician for world class WGI group, Genesis Percussion.
Dion’s marching career started in 2013 with Genesis, then going on to march with East Side Fury in 2014 before starting his first DCI season with Pioneer D&BC. During this time he also spend three years on the snare line at Grand Valley State University, tapping for his final season with them.

Email: dotzman@columbussaints.org

Shayla Nikles Profile Image

Shayla Nikles

Battery Tech

Forza East Independent ’14, Matrix Indoor, Pioneer 15 – Shayla Nikles will be returning for her second season with the Columbus Saints! She lives in Western Michigan where she currently teaches at Northview High School and Jenison High School. Shayla’s marching history includes Forza East Independent Percussion, Matrix Indoor, and Pioneer Drum and Bugle Corps. Shayla can’t wait to be there with the Saints as they grow for another season!

Email: snikles@columbussaints.org

Liz Steele Profile Image

Liz Steele

Winter Guard Ensemble Director ; Guard Caption Head

Various MSSBA and OIPA Ensembles – Liz joined the Columbus Saints in 2015 as the founder of our new color guard and community guard programs. She, along with Creative Director Lia Harp, founded the Saints Winter Guard in 2016 going on to win a Bronze Medal in State Championships. Liz’s passion for guard, and experience in managing performing ensembles has been a asset to the Saints and she’s excited to return as the program grows.